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Automotive Systems Engineering Division

Automotive Systems Engineering Division is a developer and “wholesaler” of services and products to business and private parties.  

Since 1966, we have been involved in motor sports, drag racing and performance improvements for street driven vehicles.  From our first appearance drag racing a Pontiac GTO in 1969, to our subsequent involvement with the Dow Corning sponsored ex-Penske Lola T70 in the Canadian-American Challenge Cup (“Can Am”) series in the late 1960s and early 1970s, we have been continuously associated with the development of high performance applications for a variety of competition and street driven vehicles. 

Our focus, since the 1970s, has been primarily as a private contractor for individuals building or improving Chevrolet Corvette sports cars.  In 1996, we acquired a significant portion of the last production inventory used in the Corvette ZR-1’s LT-5 DOHC four-valve Lotus-developed/Mercury Marine-built engine. In 2006, we expanded our efforts to focus on individual and package enhancements for the Ford GT “supercar”.

We are committed to the premise high performance motoring can be enjoyed on and off track with an emphasis on safety, concern for the environment and respect for the driving public.


"...And the sons of Pullman porters, and the sons of engineers                                      Ride their fathers' magic carpets made of steel..."

                                                     -"City of New Orleans",  Steve Goodman


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