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Ford GT Supercar Wheel Package

11/01/2011 Notice to our Customers: Due to changes at our production facility, we are no longer able to offer the wheel package detailed below. We can, however, continue to provide replacement rim parts and rim repair services to our existing customers. We are working on a replacement wheel offering of similar design and specification.

(09/17/2007):  Production versions of the Ford GT three piece forged aluminum wheels for use with Michelin "Zero Pressure (ZP)", Goodyear "Run Flat (RF)" or standard tires are now available.  The rim sizes are front 10WX18D (25.4 lbs. without lug nuts) [NOTE: Stock size is 9WX18D] and rear 13WX19D (28.6 lbs. without lug nuts) [NOTE: Stock size is 11.5Wx19D].  The wheels are constructed of 6061 T-6 forged aluminum, consist of three pieces with a hidden rim retention design, and utilize lightweight “Hi-Lok” 6AI-4V titanium retaining fasteners (with stainless steel helical inserts) made by Alcoa for use in the aerospace industry.  They feature a straight-contour rim, with a reverse-drop-center design.  The wheels have internal Low Tire Pressure Warning System (LTPWS) non-banded mounting hardware for retention of pressure and temperature monitoring sensors.  A center cap and lug nuts are included with each wheel.  Re-alignment specifications when using non-stock 345/30-19 Rear and 275/35-18 Front tires are included with the wheel set.

Figure 1.  Ford GT 10" Wide X 18" Diameter Forged Three Piece Aluminum          Front Wheel With LTPWS Sensor "Internally" Mounted.

Figure 2.  Ford GT 13" Wide X 19" Diameter Forged Three Piece Aluminum     Rear Wheel With LTPWS Sensor "Internally" Mounted.

Figure 3.  Ford GT Forged Three Piece Aluminum  Wheel in Clearcoat Brushed Center with Polished Rim.


FGTSTKSTD01844R Wheel Package (18" Front and 19" Rear) with Standard Three-Piece Retention System: $ 6,600.00 MSRP

FGTSTKLTW01844R Wheel Package (18" Front and 19" Rear, Lightweight) with Titanium Three-Piece Retention System:  $ 8,600.00 MSRP

Wheels are made by HRE Performance Wheels to our specifications (HRE Wheels).

NOTE: Special pricing is available to members of the Ford GT Forum.

NOTE: Pricing does not include shipping, insurance or handling costs.  Pricing above is for illustrated Clearcoat Finish Brushed Center Polished Rim wheel.  Custom finishes are also available.

E-mail rueben.hanson@fordgtsupercar.com for price quote.