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The Ford GT Supercar

                    (Photograph courtesy of Ford Motor Company)

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Ford Motor Company, the Ford GT “supercar” was produced on a limited basis during 2004, 2005 and 2006.  Based upon the design of the legendary Ford GT-40 race car, 4038 "production" models were built.  The production cars were designated as either 2005 or 2006 model years.  Total dealer production consisted of 2027 "2005" models, and 2011 "2006" models.  The Ford GT was produced at Saleen/Wixom, in Troy, Michigan.  The last Ford GT came off the line on September 21, 2006.

Our Automotive Systems Engineering Division is currently developing aftermarket products and package offerings for the Ford GT.  These products and packages will all meet the highest standards of quality, durability, appearance, safety and applicability.

We are also building a comprehensive reference data base addressing a wide variety of issues associated with the Ford GT.  These issues range from the weight of component parts to structural and warranty issues associated with the ongoing operation of the vehicle.  The data base will include references and links to a wide variety of resources providing additional information on many of these issues.  The company expects access to this information will serve our customers in making informed decisions about our products, and will further enhance the total experience each customer has with his/her Ford GT.

Current Project Activity (Updated 09/17/2007):

I.  Ford GT Supercar exhaust System Reviews (5/25/2007).                         II.  Ford GT Three Piece Forged Aluminum Wheels (Complete: 9/17/2007).

                                       Project Activity Discussion:

I.  Ford GT Supercar exhaust system reviews.  Quality, pricing, fitment, weight  factors and performance will be evaluated.  Continuing report specifics expected to be available during 2008.

          Table IA.  (05/25/2007) Exhaust Component Weights/Comments:

Ford GT  Stock Exhaust ComponentsWeightCommentsMat'l
All Except Muffler55 PoundsCast Iron Manifolds, Al Shielding, SS Catalytic Converters (27.5 Pounds Per Side)
Stock Muffler55 PoundsStock SS Muffler With Heat Shielding
Total Weight110 Pounds
Optional Components   Weight  CommentsMat'l
Ford FRPP Long Tube Headers
26 PoundsReplaces Stock Exhaust Manifolds, Shields, Catalytic Converters; Louder Than Stock When Used With Stock MufflerT-304 SS
Ford FRPP Long Tube Headers With "Jet Hot" Coating
(M-9430-GT with JH)
26.5 PoundsReplaces Stock Exhaust Manifolds, Shields, Catalytic Converters; Louder Than Stock When Used With Stock MufflerT-304 SS w/JH
Ford FRPP Muffler
42 PoundsReplaces Stock Muffler; Smaller in Size; Larger Polished Outlet Tips; Significantly Louder Than StockT-304 SS
Ford FRPP Rear Exit Headers
56.3 PoundsReplaces Entire Stock Exhaust System; Larger Polished Outlet Tips; No Muffling; Very LoudT-304 SS