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Controversial Activity

Human genetic research and engineering are very controversial subjects.  Many extremely delicate moral, religious, philosophical, and ethical questions have been raised with regard to activity in these areas.  Genetic research and engineering work with plants and other animal forms have also come under close scrutiny by a wide variety of government, political, religious and other organizations.

Recent developments in the rapidly expanding human, animal and plant genetics fields now present increasing opportunity to greatly expand our understanding of the fundamentals of the life process, and to address the causes and mitigation of afflictions affecting every living organism.  Addressing these opportunities in a rational, disciplined, empathetic and altruistic manner is critical to the future of all life on earth.  It is also crucial to the objective of sustaining life in the most fruitful, productive, enjoyable and enlightened state possible.

The company is dedicated to supporting the progress of mankind’s understanding of itself, and an understanding of the complex and symbiotic relationships of all living organisms on the planet.  Humagen expects its work will undergo periods of challenge as well as experience the rewards of discovery.  Humagen feels it is well positioned to respond to controversy associated with its business, research, development, and investment activities.  It is also well positioned to act as an appropriate intermediary for more publicly visible companies to assist in the insulation of their activities from controversial or adverse publicity arising from work with these and other sensitive technologies.

Humagen is a privately held company.  We receive no federal or state monies in the conduct of our business, and are, accordingly, not subject to the constraints and guidelines typically associated with government grants.  Although we are unable to determine the extent to which future government regulation will affect the research, development, production and marketing of our products and services, we are confident our present business model offers significant operating and intellectual advantages for our staff and our business partners.

The National Human Genome Project

Click on the symbol to the left for information on the United States Government Human Genome Project/Partnership.  More information is also available at The National Institutes of Health web site.

Illustrations: Courtesy National Human Genome Project