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Human Fertility Services

A highly significant portion of the human population has difficulty with some aspect of "infertility".  A substantial number of these "infertile" or "low fertility" persons desire to have their own biological children, but are either physically incapable, or, for a variety of reasons, are part of a "low probability of success" group.  These people and their physicians represent a market for techniques the company is developing to improve the probability of achieving "normal" conception, or of conceiving a child by alternate biotechnically assisted methodologies.

Humagen is a provider of research resources and technology assessment which assist physicians, and individuals or couples counseled by those physicians, to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of techniques used or developed to produce viable human offspring.  In many of these cases, successful pregnancies would not be possible without focused and unbiased analytical, technical, and medical intervention, including "quality of life" consultation.